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Sunday, October 9, 2022
7:00pm EST

Open Forum

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Cancer Centers

American Cancer Society

Information and resources

National Cancer Institute

Information and resources

Child/Teen Crisis (Under 18)
Boys Town

Saving children
Healing families

Teen Hope Line

A safe place for hurting teens

Teen Line

Need help? TEEN LINE is here.

Youth Crisis Hotline

from pregnancy to drugs to depression

Crisis (General)
Social Security Administration
United Way

Education, income, and health

General Referral
SAMHSA's National Helpline
Alcohol Addiction
Alcohol Treatment Referral Hotline
Drug Addiction
Cocaine/Heroin Hotline
Ecstasy Addition
Gambling Addiction
Compulsive Gambling Hotline
National Council on Problem Gambling
Sex Addiction
National Abortion Federation Hotline
Post Abortion Counseling:
Planned Parenthood
Post Abortion: Project Rachel
National Office of Post Abortion Trauma
Child Abuse
Family Violence Prevention Center
National Child Abuse Hotline
Domestic Abuse
Family Violence Prevention Center
National Domestic Violence Hotline
Self Abuse
(Self Abuse Finally Ends)

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